Sunday, March 10, 2013


When you sub in an elementary school it is almost a guarantee that they will give you stuff to take home. It might be a drawing, or a piece of paper with glue all over it, or a coloured popsicle stick. I'll be honest, I usually toss most of the stuff kids give me in the trash on my way out the door and hope that the custodian empties the trash that night so that the kids will never know that their artwork is not currently hanging on my fridge.

But this picture... well it was just too good not to take home, scan, and post for everyone to see.

Here is the back story on the picture.

I was subbing in a grade 4/5 classroom and I had given them a free class providing they had the other work we had done that day finished up. Some played games, some chatted, some read, but these 2 boys decided that they wanted to draw pictures of me.

Please notice my Audi R8 with nice rims that shoot out fire to anyone driving beside me (so basically no one ever drives beside me). Also please notice my choice in footwear.

Here is the story behind the shoes:

Kid: “Can I draw you with Nike’s?”
Me: “are they the nicest shoes around?”
kid “Well Air Jordan's are”
Me: “Well then draw me with the Jordan's... I obviously need to be wearing the nicest shoes”.

So he drew me with Nike’s... I see how it is.

Other things to comment on about the picture:

1) The boy who did the drawing on the left really captured my Asian eyes

2) However, he also seems to think I have a rather large nose

3) I must have been suffering to allergic reaction to my lip chap that day... wowzers would look at those lips!

4) I also seem to be lacking a forehead.

The other kid (the drawer of the picture on the right) spent too much time on my face to draw the rest of me.Bottom of Form

I'll admit that after the free period we were supposed to move onto French but I just needed to see where these pictures were going so I started French late just so the boys could get further along in their drawings (but we did eventually move onto French - and get it done)

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