Sunday, March 17, 2013

Awesome Stories

Let's set the stage. It's a grade 8 class and the teacher had been reading The Book of Awesome to them. The assignment was to write 2 awesome stories and then type them out when we had time in the computer lab.

I pride myself in being one of those substitute teachers that is able to have fun with their students but also get (most) of the work done. Today was going to be no exception. The thing is some students were having trouble coming up with some awesome stories.

Brainstorming was the only thing I could come up with so we had a giant brainstorming session with the whole class that really wasn't getting very far. Finally, I sat down on the stool at the front of the room and stated "alright, I think we all know a pretty awesome substitute that we could write about". I was half kidding, half serious. Luckily, some students decided that they did have a pretty awesome substitute and wrote stories about yours truly.

It wasn`t until we got to the computer lab that I started to read some of these awesome stories about this awesome substitute. Many (most) of them turned out to be love letters about me.

Uhh.. awkward.

I informed my students that they would be handing these in to their teachers and they were apparently cool with it and honestly, at this point I was just happy that they had stories written. So they handed them in.

But they weren`t all love letters (thankfully)

One student decided to write about me (the most awesome substitute ever) and then in the last couple of lines of the stories admits that although I am awesome so is Mr So and So and we are both pretty awesome substitute teachers.

Did I try to convince this student to just end it with me being the one and only awesome substitute teacher? You bet. Did it work? Not at all.

Oh well... can't win them all.

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