Thursday, December 05, 2013

What I Wore

Today is my first ever snow day (that I can remember at least)!

Yesterday I also got my internet hooked up so I'm back online and ready to move on with my life in my new place!

So to start off this first ever blog post from my new place... What did I wear to school yesterday?

With just over 2 weeks until Christmas things are starting to wind down at school.  Kids are getting antsy and the teachers are having to entertain them more than usual.

So yesterday we played floor hockey against the grade 8 boys at lunch!
I debated on whether I would want to change at school or to just play floor hockey with what I was already wearing and since I was already bringing a large container of cookies for snack I opted for a more casual look

The kids commented on how different I looked and even told me that I looked more casual!
Plus my snoozing sushi shirt was a huge hit.

The teachers lost both games (but hey, we were low on players)

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