Monday, November 25, 2013

Date a Teacher

I would like to start this post off by once again apologizing for my lack of posts.  
My life has been well... hectic.
Between school life and personal life I feel like I do not have a spare second 
(ok, I have a spare second but I'm going to waste that second on ME!)
Honestly, my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week just spilled over into a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad month.  REALLY looking forward to December.  
It couldn't possibly be more hectic (emotional, stressful) than November... could it?

And now on to the main event.  Dating a teacher.

You may have come across a blog post titled "Date a Girl Who Teaches"

Want my two-sense?  Of course you do!

I must admit I am one of those teachers with a HUGE bag.  It is just so convenient!  But I DO NOT use it for every day use!  It is too big for that!  By every day use I mean anytime I'm not at school or carrying a bunch of work to another location to work on there.  If I am shopping I'll bring a more manageable bag.  Also, I don't carry glitter or wet naps in my bag.

Don't get me craft punchers for Christmas... I have no use for them.  Get me flowers (on any day!), get me a storybook, even get me that really expensive gift because I am so worth it.... but skip the craft punchers.

I would love to have plans on a weeknight!  BUT I like to be at home or relaxing somewhere near home by 9pm.  I wake up early, I have a long commute to work, and sometimes I leave school with a pounding headache... I don't think a 9pm quiet time is too much to ask.

I'll admit it.  I doubt I'm the life of any party. You will likely know I work with kids... not because I can't stop talking about them but because everyone I hang out with already knows this.  You will not find me at the club after a hard week at work... I would much rather put my feet up and relax.... 
boy I'm beginning to sound old!

I must admit I like the last paragraph.  Only because it speaks so highly of myself (and thousands of others)

"If you find a girl who teaches, keep her close. Her love is unconditional and she’s the most patient creature on earth. She’s a well-rounded lover and a guaranteed best friend for life."

Anywho, I guess SOMEONE didn't read this article.  Why have I been having such a rotten time?  That wonderful, talented, amazing boyfriend of mine?  Yeah... he broke up with me.  
But no one panic!  
Life goes on and I will get back into blogging again very, very soon!

Want to know something else?  I bought a condo!  Huzzah!  

Why I decided to deal with being single, get through report cards, do parent teacher conferences, and buy a place all in the same month is beyond me.  
I'm sure December will be restful (in my new place!)

Also, there is a rebutal to the "Date a Girl who Teaches" post... called "Don't Date a Girl who Teaches"

Be sure to read the last line

Ok, just in case you missed it or aren't sure which last line I'm talking about...

"P.S. I was kidding about everything.  You should totally date a teacher.  They're pretty kickass."

I'll be sure to post something again before I move and don't have an internet connection.  
Or I'll at least REALLY try to.  
My students began working on their final science projects for our Habitats and Communities unit and they were SUPER into it. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

This Week At School

To mostly quote a line from a book that I got VERY familiar with about a year ago (I read it most days for 3 months straight) I am having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, week.  
It has nothing to do with school.
It has nothing to do with report cards.
My personal life just did a complete summersault and I feel.... not so great.
Clearly I am one of those teachers that brings their personal life to work with them... I was having a bad week at home so we had a mostly bad week at school.  I yelled, I told the kids they weren't getting a new seating plan, I nearly broke down more than once.  But we all survived and it is a long weekend and we can hope for an improvement for next week!

Anywho, this week at school...

-  We read another couple of chapters of our novel (it was a short week for students this week so I only saw each of my ELA classes twice)
-  We are learning the parts of the body in French and they surprised me by doing a great job of labeling those parts in a game.
-  We are chugging along through science.  Hopefully in about a week we will be able to start work on our final project.
-  Started a new unit in math!  The kids are having a better time with this unit.... so glad!
-  Broke out some games on Thursday to play in math class.
-  Made some Remembrance Day art
-  Rearranged my grade 4 classroom!

Since it was such a horrible week I didn't take many pictures.... I did take a few of their art project though.
 You can find where I got the idea for the project here.  
Unfortunately, we didn't have the right type of paint and the kids take so long to get things done that we didn't do much experimenting with texture (in fact, we only did the plastic wrap one).  Also, it was on this day about 5 seconds after I placed the blue paint on one of the groups of desks that someone managed to tip it over and have it spill all over the desk and floor.

But here is what some of ours ended up looking like!

Hope everyone is having a better week than myself!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

This Week At School

-  We FINALLY finished our first math unit!  Tested them and most of them did great!
-  Finished some art projects and stuck them on the bulletin board
-  Spent sometime outside playing games for science.  We will likely be ready for a test in Habitats and Communities in another couple of weeks!  I don't plan on starting another unit until after Christmas so this means that they will have lots of time to complete an awesome final project!
-  Tested the French students on their colours, seasons, and types of weather.  They are a pretty smart group.
-  Chugging away at The Outsiders.  I'm starting to think we may be finished the novel sooner than I had anticipated.  I'll need to come up with some awesome final projects for them to choose from.
-  Blogs are in for the month!  I have a ton of marking to do this weekend *groan*
-  Fall Fun Fest was this week... take a look at the photos for this weeks version of what I wore.

I forgot Monday was mismatch day and so I came to school normal (in my defense it was only mismatch day for the junior high and the elementary wasn't starting their days until Wednesday)

Tuesday was Redneck/Sports Day so I supported our football team by wearing this

Wednesday I took part in hat day on the elementary school side and wore a cowboy hat.  

Thursday was costume day and I went as a peacock.  The costume was a huge hit

Friday was pajama day so I wore this number in the morning

on the junior high side it was elderly day so I wore this number in the afternoon

Oh and what did I do with my lovely students on Halloween?
Twas the day before Halloween and Miss Penner had nothing planned because she is a morning teacher in the elementary school
And all her students were a beggin' for a party
So after attempting to purchase some Halloween cookies or cupcakes only to discover there was none at 9:30pm left in the store I bought them some M&M cookies, threw together some "Halloween" worksheets and attempted to find a non halloweeny halloween movie.... so we watched some Pixar Short Films instead.  No one complained or even noticed that I completely threw it together at the last possible second.

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