Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dressing for the Job

This one particular day I was sent to a school to sub for a teacher only to find out once I arrived at said school that the teacher had gotten a new job at a different school.

Not to panic. It wasn't too far from the school I was already at so in just a few more minutes I would be at the proper school and all would be alright.

So I arrive at the proper school and find my classroom only to find out that the teacher is still in the building and just getting ready to leave for some PD. That's fine. He can just tell me about the day and I don't have to read through a sub plan.

But let's back up. I want to tell you what I decided to wear this day!... it's important so just go with it!

Since the job description clearly said I would be a science teacher I opted for some flip flops and a black skirt and some kind of shirt... that's not really the important part.. the skirt part is.

So anyways, the teacher fills me in on the day looks at me and goes "oh by the way, I teach a couple classes of gym"

Well this is just dandy. I am clearly not dressed for any kind of gym class.

Gym class rolls around for the last couple of periods of the day. It's a boys class which is even better and they decide to spend it outside playing baseball.

So we head outside and luckily for me no one wants the substitute wearing a skirt and flip flops to be on their team so I stand around outside acting like I know what I'm doing but mostly just hoping no one runs away and that maybe I'll get a little bit of a tan from this.

A photo of my most recent day of a surprise phys-ed teacher.  I did have runners in my trunk but when I went to pick up my first group of kids the teacher smiled at me and said "you're far too cute to be the phys-ed teacher".  So I rocked my flats and my cute look instead. 


  1. Most schools around here ban flip flops for students, so teacher's too! I always keep tennis shoes and stretch pants in my trunk. I've needed them a few times. Plus, if the school id casual, I can sometimes change my shoes! Horray!

    1. Ever since this day I keep a pair of tennis shoes in the trunk of my car too!... there was one time that the school was doing their Terry Fox run and I was (once again) wearing flip flops I just changed into the shoes for the "run" (which was more of a walk) and was good to go!

  2. I really struggle with my professional dress. after having twins i am in between all my clothes and seem frumpy or my top is too tight bringing unwanted attention to my upper regions. kids can be mean embaressed to say but i take it to heart when they comment on my dress, snickering under their breath.. how do you get around this

    1. I'm sorry to hear that the kids aren't treating you well! I honestly haven't had a child make fun of my clothing before. Do you teach high school? I could definitely see it happening there. I would say (and this is probably easier said than done) but don't take it to heart! Those kids haven't had twins. They aren't moms. They also aren't even close to your age (I'm assuming). What they think is cool or in is not what you (or I or other people your age) likely think is.
      Kids can be really cruel and it really sucks that they don't see how rude or hurtful their comments are being. If this is a class you go to a lot (maybe you aren't even willing to go back... and I probably wouldn't if they really hurt me) you could bring a picture book that touches on this subject to share with them (if they are in early years)


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