Monday, December 11, 2017

Name Tags

I've done a number of name tag/art posts in the past here's one that I did with my grade 5/6 students and here's one I spied in a grade 6 classroom that I was subbing in.

Name art for a grade 2 classroom

I found these ones in a grade 2 classroom... simpler than ones I've done in the past. I'm assuming the teacher pre cut the paper into those little triangles... otherwise you would have some much bigger triangles and some itty bitty ones. They looked nice all up on the wall together.

Do you get your students to do any name art?  
Post links to what you've tried in the comments!

Saturday, December 09, 2017

This Week At School

Not much happened this week... I'm not even sure why the teacher that I was in for one of the days this week even really required a substitute. I didn't have a class of my own and was to just offer support to a few classes throughout the day. Needless to say, it was a pretty easy day.

But the most exciting thing to happen this week was that I got to go substitute teach at the school my husband went to growing up! I was told promises of carpeted floors, no real gymnasium, and just two classrooms and well the school didn't disappoint.  I had a grand total of 10 students in my class too!
In other news... I spotted this book in a classroom this week.
Home Alone - The book

Now we have the movie AND the book to enjoy!

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Our Community

I saw this bulletin board in a grade 2 classroom I was recently in.

Our Community bulletin board

There's a McDonald's, trees, a lake, people, houses, animals, a bowling alley, and oh wait... what's that.  A minion?.... with a dead dog beside it?  I only live a short distance from the school I saw this at... I'm not in the same community but am within a long walk to it... never have I ever seen a minion killing a dog around (thankfully) but I'm beginning to wonder what goes on in this community!  I later asked the student what that picture was all about it... she told me it wasn't a dead dog but a stuffed teddy bear (one of the minions always carries one but I don't recall the name of that minion).  I also asked her where in their community she saw all of this and she wasn't able to answer that question.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Guitar Class

There have been a number of times when I've been in a position to teach something that I don't have a hot clue about... a high school computer class, French music class, and even a violin class but it hasn't happened in a long, long time!  I guess being around for so long and having my name in at so many schools means I can be a bit more selective about what I'm teaching nowadays.

That is until you end up at a school with a grand total of 2.5 teachers (one only works in the afternoons).  When you're in a school with only 1 other full time teacher you pretty well just do it all... and this includes guitar class. 

Do I play guitar?
Absolutely not.
Did I learn the first couple of lines of "Petit Jean" on the guitar.
You better believe I did!

You see, I've often found that the best way to teach something you don't know is to have the class teach you instead.  In this guitar class I was lucky and only had 4 students which meant I could fiddle around on the guitar to my hearts content pretty well as we were just a small circle of guitar players.

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