Thursday, April 19, 2018

Things that are bad luck

I overheard some of my students talking about things that are bad luck:

"Have you heard about the one about stepping on a crack"
"Well I know black cats are bad luck"
"I know for a fact that breaking a mirror will give you 5 whole years of bad luck... most people think it's another number but I know that it's 5."

For the record... I don't believe in any kind of luck (good or bad).  Sometimes good things happen  and sometimes not so great things happen to you but I'm quite certain that you breaking a mirror isn't a part of it... much like all those times you stepped on a crack and your mom's back was just fine.  But I do my best to avoid those crack as a kid... you bet I did!  

Monday, April 16, 2018


How you could potentially make an entire day out of Madlibs...

Confession:  Sometimes I write blog posts a month or so in advance.  Then something comes up that I feel like is more applicable to that time or week and the post gets bumped again, and again until FINALLY it makes the cut to just get posted already because I wrote it a month (or 2 ago)... this is one of those posts.

A couple of months ago I was in a rural classroom during a snowstorm and so the teacher wasn't fully prepared for a sub. I only had the students that I did Madlibs with for one class but while I was teaching them I realized that a person, if in a pinch, could likely teach Madlibs for the entire day.

Here are some ideas:

1) Do Madlibs. Don't have any on hand? You can use your own friend Google to locate some or go to Wacky Web Tales  (which is the one I use)

2) Talk about adjectives, adverbs, verbs, nouns, etc. have your students do an assignment on each of them.

3) Write a short piece (it could even be a sentence) but tell students to focus on one of the above aspects. Adjectives would be the easiest I think so they would just have to really describe something. You could even have them all describe the same thing and then share what they wrote to see how similar or different they are.

4) Make their own Madlibs. Have them write a story and then erase a bunch of the adjectives, verbs, nouns, numbers, clothing items, etc (but write in what needs to go in that place) and then have them share their Madlibs with the class by doing them together... if the class was learning about something specific you could even say they have to create their stories about that particular topic (Ancient Greece, a science experiment, fairy tale, Canada, etc)

Confession: This isn't the first time I've talked about this wonderful topic see here for another post about Madlibs

Saturday, April 14, 2018

This Week At School

Let me tell you something... maybe the first week back to school after spring break wasn't busy for this substitute but the 2nd week back looked very familiar to the first week back from winter break for me.

So I got a call from the division that I only occasionally work for... it's usually a half day here and there when I happen to not be working somewhere else.  I don't recall exactly how that automated system call thing works but I knew when it was telling me about the job that it was going to be more than one day.  I guess I was pretty lucky though because it ended up being for 9 days! 

Now I don't know if you are aware (likely not because I'm sure it's different in different divisions/provinces/countries) but here when you work a certain number of days for the same person in a row you get paid what you would earn as a regular teacher (I guess they figure at some point you are doing some degree of planning).  In this division it just so happens to be on the 6th day you start earning your teachers wages (the previous division this happened to me in I'm pretty sure it happened on the 5th day).  AND... the go ahead and back pay you to the first day of the assignment.  So, not only do I nearly have 2 full weeks of work in this particular class but I'm also getting paid a lot more to be there.

In order to accept this job I did have to cancel some other jobs that I already had lined up... but it was only 3 (and I don't know if you realize this but 9 days is quite a bit more than 3)


This week at school I....

- Was in the same school every single day

- We had the colours of our clothing decided for us on 3 days this week! On Wednesday we wore pink for Pink Shirt Day (psst... it may be passed the date of Pink Shirt Day but it's never too late to discuss bullying... click here to see what I've done in the pass and for a free resource!), on Thursday we wore green and yellow to show our support for The Broncos, and on Friday we wore white because our NHL team made it to the playoffs and were showing our white out support!

Pink, Yellow, and White (supporting the end of bullying, the Humboldt Broncos, and the Jets Whiteout)

- I've been teaching grade 7... but only one subject of grade 7 to just one class. This means I've had a lot of empty slots in my timetable so I've just been floating to here and there and everywhere helping out where I can.

- It was staff appreciation! If you're wondering if I partook in the Brookside chocolates... you better believe I did because they are fantastic.
-  I've slowly been collecting things that get me places in this school... on Wednesday they gave me an ID badge and yesterday I got a key to the iPads.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Many of my readers have probably heard the tragic news of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash leaving 16 dead and 13 injured. 

Although only one player on the bus was from the province I teach in it still hits close to home. How many times have you gone on a bus to an event? Probably a number of times and many of those times (for myself at least) have involved taking highways and country roads. An accident like this could have happened anywhere at any time.

It may also be hitting a little close to home because Humboldt is only a 7 hour drive from where I live, I've been in schools with hockey academy's where I'm sure kids dreamed of one day playing for a team like the Humboldt Broncos, and with NHL playoffs coming up hockey is just on a lot of our minds.

Anyways, because of all of this the school I've been in this week has been doing what they can to show their support.

The kids all coloured paper hockey sticks green and yellow and taped them to their lockers and today we are all showing our support by wearing green or yellow.

We may be 7 hours away but we're thinking of you.
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