Thursday, November 23, 2017


Everyone and their mom knows about Tumble Books already (an online version of a book so that you don't have to actually read your students a book... you can just press play sit back and have a few minutes to yourself) but you need to pay for a subscription to use it (or, I think, you can also use your library card here to access it - but if you're like me it's a quick last minute decision to put on a Tumble Book and you don't have time to find your library card or remember the password that the division you work for has set up for it). 

So for those of us that need an online story now (and don't want to search Youtube for an appropriate one) there is Storyline.  No passwords or subscriptions or library cards required.  I've used it a couple of times in classrooms I've been in.  Also perfect if you have a child/student that requests stories about a million times in the span of an hour.  AND... if you watch closely you might even recognize the reader (the reader changes for the different stories).

Monday, November 20, 2017


I was subbing a grade 8 classroom a couple of weeks ago and learned about different levels of hierarchy in Mesopotamia.

Isn't it fantastic when you have students that put in their very best effort (well, that's me assuming these are their best effort... they look AMAZING)?

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Remembrance Day

I was in a classroom a year ago and they had done these beautiful art pieces for Remembrance Day.

So, I've written this a year ago so that it would be posted at a better time.

The poppies on the ground are made of tissue paper and I'm guessing they just had to make an appropriate scene to go with them.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Colony Schools

A couple of weeks ago was my very first time ever at a colony school and you know what... it wasn't bad at all.

A few things...

- My largest class included 15 students.
- Those 15 students were spanned across 4 grades.
- My smallest class included 2 students.
- When I went to the middle school side of the school it sounded like they must have been writing a test... you could have heard a pin drop. In fact they were quieter than classrooms I've been in where they were writing a test!
- When I went to the elementary side of the school it was a bit crazier. Bingo is Bingo no matter the school... the kids are apparently going to talk after each word and let you know if they have it or not regardless of the school you're at.
- I thought a colony would be pretty sheltered but in reality... they aren't so sheltered. The dab has definitely made it to the colony (there wasn't a fidget spinner in sight though).
- Those colony schools may be small but some of them are fancy. Nice cupboards and counter tops, laptops, ipads, and/or computers for pretty well every student (of course this might be due to the smaller class sizes)
- At one of the colony schools I was at they apparently have lunch provided for them by the colony once a week (and I heard rumours that the second colony school I was at has lunch provided every day... but I was only there a half day so I can't confirm this).
- Yes the girls all wore dresses and bonnets and the boys all had dark pants with suspenders and if anyone was wearing a hoodie it was a dark colour.

I mean... sure the drive out was a little confusing and I had no preps but all in all it was a positive experience... which is good because I'm heading back out there in about a week!
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