Saturday, May 26, 2018

This Week At School

Ok... it will really be the last couple of weeks at school because I didn't post one of these last week... what can I say other than it was a long weekend and we were getting out of the big bad city for a bit.


Last week Friday I went with the grade 7's on a field trip.  It was at a University listening to some speakers.

The question on all my lovely readers minds... no we still have not finished Underground to Canada.  We were actually supposed to finish it yesterday but the assembly went quite a bit longer than I had anticipated.  We probably have about 5 pages left to read.  The good news is that because we had about a 10 minute class today I cancelled the end of the book assignment we were going to do because I want them to focus their writing energies on some persuasive essays they are writing.

So, persuasive essays... we're writing them.  My original plan was to do some debates first and then write the essays but instead we did a couple of smaller whole class debates and we will finish off the year doing some group debates.  The reasoning behind this is that I need their essays to be finished by the time I write their report cards.

Anyways, we have some really good topics that some students are choosing
-  Should college athletes be paid to play
-  Should there be no paparazzi
-  Should marijuana be legalized

We just started picking topics and researching but hopefully these essays will start taking shape soon!

TUSC is still going well and we've had some pretty good presentations.  A few that stick out are when "internet pick of the week" showed us Ariana Grande's website, when our demonstrator showed us how to throw a frisbee, the lasagna that the cook brought in, and the slime our science experimenter made for us.

Other than that... you already know about the big end of the day power outage that happened.

Today our school is competing in an ultimate tournament that I'm helping out in.  Should be really hot so it's a good thing I forgot my one and only water bottle at school.

Next week the grade 7's are going to camp for a couple of nights and yours truly is going with them!  It should be fun except that we are leaving Monday after school so I've got a full day of work and then we come back Wednesday after school and work the rest of the week.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Day the Power Went Out

Story time!

T'was the end of the day and I had just finished filling in my grade 7 class's homeroom teacher what we did that day and ventured upstairs to the staff room (because I'm on staff room clean up this month) when all of a sudden I hear just a bunch of screams from the hall.  I also heard teachers so I assumed it was somewhat under control... which is when I ventured outside of the staff room only to realize that the power in the entire school had gone out.  The staff room is on the 2nd floor and the lights were already out in there because the windows let in enough light so I hadn't even noticed. 

Eventually I ventured down to the main floor which is where my classroom is and notice the hallway my room is down is very dark.  Students are using their cell phone flashlights to help them find their stuff in the lockers and not bump into each other (it's a fairly narrow hallway).  Despite all of this it was likely one of the more orderly locker breaks for that hallway... I didn't hear anyone screaming (and yes, I usually do).  I even had one student ask if it was alright that they had their cell phone out to use as a flashlight (because they aren't allowed cell phones).

Anyways, without power there wasn't much I could do at school (my marking was already done) so I took the opportunity to leave pretty well right after school.  I don't live far from school but I do live about 5 or 6 traffic lights from school... and unfortunately half of the traffic lights were out which meant my commute home likely tripled the time it took.

It turns out we were lucky it happened at the very end of the day... I know a couple of people that live in the area and their power wasn't restored for about 6 hours.

Funny enough this isn't the first time this has happened to me.  A number of years ago I was subbing at another school in the area and at the end of the day the power had gone out in the entire school.  The same thing happened there too... everyone was screaming in the halls.  Because apparently when you use power it is definitely something to scream about.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Weekend Teachers

My friend posted this online and I just had to post it on here...

It's from the book "Reading, Rhyming, and Rithmetic"

and honestly this poem seems like one that I would have read over and over again when I was in elementary school.  What can I say... I was a sucker for a good rhyme.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

A Picture A Student Drew

Need I say more than the title?

I asked the student that drew it about the picture after she showed it to me... apparently it should be very obvious as to what is happening in it: the cats are at a disco party and Paul is outside in a money/wind machine trying to collect all those bills whilst wearing a crop top (because apparently it's what he requested to be wearing in the picture). I don't recall what the student said about the other 2 pets outside in the black box.
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