Friday, November 13, 2015

Five Apps to use in the Classroom

(that are all free!)

Okay folks, technology is big, BIG, BIG these days… it’s even bigger than us just having computers in our classrooms.. now we get SmartBoards and tablets, and iPads as well. Some of these app suggestions require an iPad (or something similar) that you are willing to let your students use. Others you can use just on your iPhone… I decided that any that required you to have multiple iPads in the classroom was perhaps asking too much (so I left them out). Also, I don't have an Android device so I don't know if you can find all these Apple apps for Android as well... but I'm sure there is something similar out there!

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Let's get started,



Great for exit notes! The best part about using this for exit slips is that you get your results right away – no trying to decipher students writing that they quickly scribbled down at the end of class.



I used this app in my classroom last year (when we had an iPad). With this app you have to be willing to give students the use of an iPad (preferably) but an iPhone or iPod (with a camera) would work as well.

In my room we used it when students did a written piece for our Museum of Language Arts (MOLA) they would make a video to go along with the piece. It was usually up to them and could have been them reading the work, an about the author, a demonstration, or the next part of their writing. The only rule was that it had to have some kind of connection to their writing. Then, when a student held the device up the work the app would recognize the writing and pull up the video for them to watch.

By using this app I had students reading others work AND doing some presenting in front of a camera as well!


My Math Flashcards

I could see this being used in a small group. It would be awesome if you had a couple iPads/Phones/Pods to play it on so that a small group of 6 could pair off into 3 groups but this may not be the case (maybe you could get all your friends to sell you their old idevices for super cheap?).


Random Name Selector

Do you keep a jar of popsicle sticks on your desk with the student names on it? Because I always have. It just made it super easy to pick a few names from there for making groups. But gone are those days. Now an app will put your students into groups for you (or pick students to call on randomly).


Epic Books

I could also see this one being used in small groups (maybe during my writing centers?). Luckily, all the classes that I have taught have still found books to be exciting BUT if that started to change you could just pull out your iPad with this app on it. You can choose to have it read to you or you can read the stories yourself.

Last year I think I would have let a different student use it every day we had buddy reading… we didn’t have a lot of picture books to read to our grade 1 buddies and that is what my students wanted to read... despite me insisting their buddies would be happy with a chapter book!

Last week I did a Five for Friday post on 5 Ways to Use Technology in your Classroom.  So, if you are still looking for ideas for how to use technology in your classroom you should definitely check out that post!  Some of the things I talk about on there can also be found in the apple store (Spelling City and Sumdog)


  1. Great resources! Thank you! I'll have to check them out. Happy Friday!
    Joya :)

  2. I haven't heard of sumdog. I plan on checkin it out tonight.

    1. You definitely should! It's perfect for all elementary school aged children for sure!


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