Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Was That Pig a Smoker?

Today my grade 5's had a presentation put on by some students from another school.
The presentation was about smoking and why we should not be doing that.

The first thing they did was tell us about some of the chemicals that they put into to cigarettes.
and the third thing was to show us what it would feel like to breathe if you were a smoker and developed bad lungs. 
 (to do this we had a dance party and jogged on the spot then we tried breathing through a straw).

But what about the second part?

Well that was when they brought out the pig lungs.
First they showed us what a healthy persons (or pigs) lungs would look like.
Then they showed us what an unhealthy set of lungs would look like.  They were black and had a growth on them.
They had already explained to us that the lungs got to be like that by having them sit in a room with chemicals in it (to simulate what a smoker does to their lungs I suppose).

But apparently someone wasn't listening..
Because the question these students got from my lovely grade 5's...
"was that pig a smoker?"

All I could do was picture a smoking pig for the rest of the presentation.

Day made!

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