Sunday, June 23, 2013

This Week At School

This week at school...
I finally had a day off!
I went in to sub for one of my friends from university.
I spent my last full day in kindergarten for the year (thank goodness).
I subbed at my old elementary school!I shredded 6 garbage bags full of important documents to impress the secretaries.
We made rectangle cows in kindergarten.

and learned about the planets in grade 1.

I checked in on the class pets situation in kindergarten while I was there.  Still no butterflies,

Not only did I do a bunch of shredding but another day I spent a fair amount of time with this machine.

Game Day!  Since it's almost the end of the year we spent a lot of time playing games on Friday.  There  was a decent sized line up of kids who wanted to try to beat me at checkers... no one was successful.

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