Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Back to School

Teachers all went back to school today (students will start school at various times this week depending on the school division).  This means that I can start looking forward to my phone waking me up early in the morning with a substitute job.  This morning I received my first phone call of the school year (I was expecting it though... because the job is at the school I used to teach at and so the teacher had told me she had requested me).  So, I'm expecting my first day of work will likely be on Friday!  So happy to have been blessed with a full day in the first week of classes!

When the sub clerk called I asked her if she had any other jobs available and she told me there were a couple of days for welding... I suggested that she might want to fill those elsewhere.

Hope all my teaching (and substitute teaching) friends all having a great first week back at it!

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