Friday, July 10, 2015

Five for Friday

I think I did one of these eons ago and well, I'm back!

It's too hot to do anything outside so it is the perfect day to get some blogging done!


I've been making cookies!

On my other blog *gasp 2 blogs!?!* I'm attempting to make a different cookie a week for an entire year...
what can I say... I love cookies!

I decided to do this and then I decided that I should be eating more healthy


It was my birthday last Friday and what can I say, I have a pretty swell boyfriend


I don't have a classroom for next year (yet) so I had to bring all my stuff home and I dumped it all into my spare bedroom.  
A week ago you would have had a hard time finding a square foot to stand in but today it is nearly all put away!

Now to get all the things I put away organized!


It's summer vacation and I don't have anything to get ready for next year so I've been spending some time outside


I've been following a bunch of people's blog posts on their
Just gathering ideas in the hopes that one day soon I'll have my own classroom again.
(if you click on the link just above it will take you to one of the blogs I've been following it on)


  1. Do you live on a lake? I would just love to live on a lake. That deck looks perfect to relax on with a good book. It definitely looks like you're having a good summer.
    Polka Dot Palace

    1. I don't live on a lake. I was visiting one though!

  2. Those cookies look delicious!!! Happy belated birthday!!! :)
    Moore to Learn


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