Monday, September 16, 2013

Come Prepared

This isn't a post about what I think you should bring substitute teaching (such as mad libs, stickers, a picture book, or a ball.
No, no, no
This is a post about knowing what you are getting yourself into.

I'll admit it.
I turn down jobs.
I've heard horror stories from certain schools of how the kids treat their substitutes and to be honest it terrifies me to go to those schools.
If I suspect that the school/class/grade will be difficult to teach I simply just do not accept the job.
Subbing can be a hard gig when the kids are having a good day... so I figure why set myself up for disaster.

Having said this there are also times when I full on know the class will be difficult (because I've been there before or because I am in the same class for multiple days).  Honestly, sometimes, in these cases, I just go in expecting my day to be terrible.  Then if it is the slightest bit good I come out not so sad/tired/frustrated.

There have also been times that I've gone in not knowing what to expect (mostly because they are high school) and been terrified of the unknown.  Likely, the only reason I've accepted this jobs is because I got requested for them (I do love being requested for jobs).  Thankfully, these days also turn out not nearly as horrible as I've imagined they would.
You can read about a couple of these days here and here.

Luckily, my financial situation has always been okay and if I absolutely did not want to work a day it was never going to put me in the red.  I know this is not the case for everyone and many substitute teachers have to take whatever jobs come their way.  If this is you then there are things you can bring to make your life (day) perhaps a little bit easier.  Remember at the top when I told you this was not a post about mad libs, stickers, picture books, or a ball?  Check out those links... hopefully you find some information and ideas that will help you when you are having a not so great day.

And finally, I found the cartoon at the top here

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