Sunday, April 28, 2013

Occupying the Troublemakers

I know I stated at the beginning that this blog was not going to be about the sucky times of subbing and I stand by that. No one likes to hear someone complain over and over again day after day (and I don't think anyone likes to read about it either). Do not worry... although this post may be about the troublemakers it is not about a sucky day I had... more of a tip.

We have all seen them. Troublemakers (do they always seem to go by the same name). But I've come up with a great way of handling them. It works especially well when I'm subbing in kindergarten and students can't read well yet.

So here is what I do.

Little Charles is bothering everyone. Stealing toys, running, and pulling pigtails. You want him out of the room and you want him out of the room an hour ago (before you even arrived at the school). You can't send Charles to the hallway, after all, he is only in kindergarten.

You can try to give him little tasks to do around the classroom (for some odd reason kids love sweeping). Use this with caution though... once I had 1 kid sweeping and the other troublemaker holding the dust pan when the sweeper swept a little too vigorously and smacked the other one in the head with the broom.

But here is what I do. I write a note and give them special instructions about how it is really important that they deliver the note to the secretary and you cannot do it yourself because you have to stay in the classroom.

Sidenote: the note obviously says "Charles is being a douche bag can you keep him occupied in the office for a little while so that we can get some work done?" ... just kidding about the douche bag part (obviously) it does not say that. Don't write it. You will not get invited back.

So Charles is out of your hair for a little while and you can go on to have a lovely day in kindergarten (is that even possible in kindergarten?)

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