Monday, September 28, 2015

This Week At School

Confession:  The reason this is coming to you on Monday rather than on Friday is because on Friday I only worked the morning and was convincing myself all morning that my sniffles were obviously due to allergies and not at all because I was getting sick.  Then I got home and I promptly collapsed into bed... it's been a sick kind of weekend.  I didn't want to take any time off of work though and was feeling better enough to watch the supermoon on Sunday so I decided I would go to work today (Monday) if I got anything... but alas, I did not get anything.

I was teaching the best group of grade 4 students a substitute could ask for.  No one complained about budging, no one had a disagreement, and no one cried.  It was basically rainbows and butterflies in my classroom that day!

One of my students showed me her journal before heading out to recess... I asked her who the picture was of and she told me it was of me.  I was wearing black pants, a blue shirt, and a grey cardigan... so I guess what she has me wearing is fairly accurate but what is up with my face?  Are those my eyebrows arching way above my eyes?  What kind of crazy hairdo am I rocking?  
So many questions... and all I wanted was for them to get outside so I could relax for a few minutes.

A very long time ago I was teaching another class and a couple of boys did some portraits of their favourite substitute teacher.  I wrote the entire story out because I thought it was funny.  
Click Here to read all about it.

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