Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Famous Substitute Teacher

Wouldn't we all like to think of ourselves as that really awesome substitute that gets the students to get all their work done, teach them something super hard, and still have time to have fun.... all while the classes regular teacher is at home sick?... and of course... be famous for that?  And not the fact that we were THAT substitute that sat in that other teacher's spot during lunch (which by the way... that teacher is likely still complaining about because we are apparently creatures of habit and don't you ever EVER even think about sitting in anyone's chair whether it has their name on it or not!

Anyways, want to know someone that substitute taught?

I think you've heard of him..

Albert Einstein
Yes, it's true.  Albert Einstein worked as a substitute teacher in Switzerland for two years.


Well it seems to be that while attending school in Switzerland he wasn't such a good student and didn't attend class very often.  He was enrolled in the math program but later discovered that he preferred physics (I guess this was before you could simply go down to the University office and change you major every other day - remember when I thought I could be a math major without taking pre calc in high school?)  Luckily the man we all know (and love?) passed all his exams in math because he had great friends that would lend him their notes.

This all seems well and good... BUT because Einstein did not attend class he was not getting those coveted great recommendations from his professors which makes it a little more difficult to secure a job once one graduated (not to say that all of us that are currently subbing never attended class and wouldn't get great recommendations... because I'm sure we all would.. I know I would!)... this led him to find work doing what he could while still using his training.  Thus, his 2 year career as a substitute teacher.  

Eventually Einstein got that better job doing something with patents... but that's boring.

The point is.

Albert Einstein was a substitute teacher

Share that with your students today (and tomorrow and the day following that) because we're substitute teachers!

and to learn more about Albert Einstein and his career check out

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