Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tornado Drill

This week, while I was substitute teaching, we had a tornado drill.

First, let me start off by saying that it is pretty rare that we would get a tornado here.  So rare that when I was a student not even once did we practice a drill in case one did come.  But now we practice them.

A number of years ago one of the schools I was in had a tornado drill and we all went to a windowless hallway and sat facing the lockers (I believe) but the school I was in this week had a basement that we could go into.

sidenote:  This was my very first time ever being in a schools basement

Anyways, they let us know via the intercom that we are going to be practicing a tornado drill and that it is just a drill.  They tell us which classrooms will be going downstairs first and everyone else can wait for further instruction.

So eventually what the administration assumes to be everyone is down in the basement and they start telling us why it is so important (apparently in the next couple of days we are supposed to be having some crazy weather around these parts) and right in the middle of their speech... another TWO classes come down the stairs.  That's right... everyone was safe except those 2 classes.  Later on I heard a rumor that there was a third class that never even bothered to go downstairs.


I guess they still have time to work out some of the kinks.

Hope we are all having a safe and tornado free weekend!

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