Sunday, November 10, 2013

This Week At School

To mostly quote a line from a book that I got VERY familiar with about a year ago (I read it most days for 3 months straight) I am having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, week.  
It has nothing to do with school.
It has nothing to do with report cards.
My personal life just did a complete summersault and I feel.... not so great.
Clearly I am one of those teachers that brings their personal life to work with them... I was having a bad week at home so we had a mostly bad week at school.  I yelled, I told the kids they weren't getting a new seating plan, I nearly broke down more than once.  But we all survived and it is a long weekend and we can hope for an improvement for next week!

Anywho, this week at school...

-  We read another couple of chapters of our novel (it was a short week for students this week so I only saw each of my ELA classes twice)
-  We are learning the parts of the body in French and they surprised me by doing a great job of labeling those parts in a game.
-  We are chugging along through science.  Hopefully in about a week we will be able to start work on our final project.
-  Started a new unit in math!  The kids are having a better time with this unit.... so glad!
-  Broke out some games on Thursday to play in math class.
-  Made some Remembrance Day art
-  Rearranged my grade 4 classroom!

Since it was such a horrible week I didn't take many pictures.... I did take a few of their art project though.
 You can find where I got the idea for the project here.  
Unfortunately, we didn't have the right type of paint and the kids take so long to get things done that we didn't do much experimenting with texture (in fact, we only did the plastic wrap one).  Also, it was on this day about 5 seconds after I placed the blue paint on one of the groups of desks that someone managed to tip it over and have it spill all over the desk and floor.

But here is what some of ours ended up looking like!

Hope everyone is having a better week than myself!

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