Sunday, November 03, 2013

This Week At School

-  We FINALLY finished our first math unit!  Tested them and most of them did great!
-  Finished some art projects and stuck them on the bulletin board
-  Spent sometime outside playing games for science.  We will likely be ready for a test in Habitats and Communities in another couple of weeks!  I don't plan on starting another unit until after Christmas so this means that they will have lots of time to complete an awesome final project!
-  Tested the French students on their colours, seasons, and types of weather.  They are a pretty smart group.
-  Chugging away at The Outsiders.  I'm starting to think we may be finished the novel sooner than I had anticipated.  I'll need to come up with some awesome final projects for them to choose from.
-  Blogs are in for the month!  I have a ton of marking to do this weekend *groan*
-  Fall Fun Fest was this week... take a look at the photos for this weeks version of what I wore.

I forgot Monday was mismatch day and so I came to school normal (in my defense it was only mismatch day for the junior high and the elementary wasn't starting their days until Wednesday)

Tuesday was Redneck/Sports Day so I supported our football team by wearing this

Wednesday I took part in hat day on the elementary school side and wore a cowboy hat.  

Thursday was costume day and I went as a peacock.  The costume was a huge hit

Friday was pajama day so I wore this number in the morning

on the junior high side it was elderly day so I wore this number in the afternoon

Oh and what did I do with my lovely students on Halloween?
Twas the day before Halloween and Miss Penner had nothing planned because she is a morning teacher in the elementary school
And all her students were a beggin' for a party
So after attempting to purchase some Halloween cookies or cupcakes only to discover there was none at 9:30pm left in the store I bought them some M&M cookies, threw together some "Halloween" worksheets and attempted to find a non halloweeny halloween movie.... so we watched some Pixar Short Films instead.  No one complained or even noticed that I completely threw it together at the last possible second.

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