Thursday, October 02, 2014


Congrats!  We all made it to October and the first month of school is behind us.
I guess it is time to start getting some grades in so that I'm ready for report cards.

In the spirit of October and Halloween here are some fears that apparently, teachers have.

Do you have any teacher fears?

2 of my fears would be...
Budgetcutaphobia - This isn't a fear I have because of budget cuts... it is a fear I have because my term only goes until April.  I don't know what will happen after that.  If I can manage to stay at this school until the end of the year I will be up for permanent which would be amazing... so I'm hoping and praying that the lady I'm doing a mat leave for maybe decides she doesn't want to come back until next year.
Applicaphobia - I'm quite certain this happens every year.  

But desksquishaphobia - how is it that the desks ALWAYS move to the front of the classroom?  I always tease my students that they must just want to be closer to me... because they all notice the day I get them all pushed back to their original spots.  Also, I should note that this is not a fear... they can all slowly inch their tables closer to the front if that is what they want.

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