Saturday, October 04, 2014

This Week At School

I'm going to try something different for this TWAS post...
In my other life (my time that I don't teach) I belong to a church small group where we share our highs and our lows from the week.  So to help keep this post a little shorter I'm just going to share a high (or two) and a low from the week.

-  I've had to make some phone calls home to parents this week.  I'm just fed up with a couple of my students behaviour and I'm hoping my talk with both of them has had some kind of impact on them for the following week... I'll have to follow up with them on the talk first thing Monday morning to remind them.

-  Why oh why can't students listen when I'm telling them things?  I feel like I just give instructions, I ask if there is any questions and immediately a hand shoots up to ask "so what do you want us to do?"  Good thing on our "Ask 3 Before Me" chart there is a listening category.

-  In science we made levers out of random objects.  
CD cases, rulers, spoons, forks, knives, chop sticks, even a pool noodle.  
I gave each student a marshmallow that they put their initials on (and I told them if they did not eat the gross markered up  marshmallow I would give them a good one at the end of the day... which was an hour away).  I gave them a couple minutes to think about how they would use their object and then I took them outside to launch them at me.  I grabbed some goggles from the science teacher announced to my class "safety first" and then let them shoot them at me.  They had a lot of fun.  No one hit me or had theirs land in the bucket but we had some close ones.  
When we came back inside we talked about 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class levers.
Later on we are going to try it again but this time they are going to build catapults.  I'm looking forward to it!  But the REALLY interesting part was who could not wait until the end of the day to get a nice, clean, full marshmallow to eat... They knew they wouldn't get one if they ate theirs ahead of time.  
Some of us need to work on patience it seems.

-  We had our last cross country run on Friday!... and someone from my grade 5/6 team got first for her grade and gender category!  
I'm super impressed with all of my students... 
the previous Friday we were running in about +30 degree weather which was wonderful 
and then this Friday... 
I think it maybe got up to +3.  
But that wasn't the worst part... 
the worst was that it was snowing some of the biggest snowflakes I had ever seen!  Seriously, they were huge.. if you would of looked up at the sky and trees you would have thought it was the middle of winter.  Luckily, the snow was melting as soon as it hit the ground... unfortunately that just made for a very muddy and wet run.  
But everyone completed it and so everyone deserves a big HUZZAH!

I've signed my lovely self up for a teacher question and answer period... I'm not exactly sure what questions are going to come through but I would like you all to have a say in it!
If you have any questions about teaching (or substitute teaching) you should comment below OR email them to

I plan to use all the questions I get in a future blog post... so stand by.

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