Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What You Can't See When You Look at Me

I was substitute teaching in a grade 4 class the other week and the teacher had some art and writing projects up on the back wall of the classroom that the students had done.  I snapped a few quick pictures of them because I really liked the idea behind them:  That there is much more to a person than what they look like.  We have feelings, desires, hobbies, and interests but you don't always know what those are just by looking at a person.  

Anyways, I tried to do a Google search to see where this teacher got the lesson from... did it go with a story or another poem but I've come back relatively empty handed... the closest thing I found was this from Education World if you have any idea you should definitely let me know in the comments!

I loved their pictures, I loved their writing, and I especially loved the last couple of lines of their writing
 "All of this, you will only see, if and when you get to know me"

I think this is a great message for anyone to hear... you are not only what you look like... there is so much more to you than that and this seems like a great activity to get students thinking about all the other things they love and that make them who they are.

Once again, if you've used this in your classroom or have any idea of where this teacher got this idea let me know in the comments below!

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