Sunday, October 04, 2015

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Case #1

I'm going to preface this story with this: I work in 2 divisions.  One is rural and one is in the city... this story took place in the rural setting.

I was subbing outside of the city in a grade 2 class... but that isn't as important as this... you should know that I have a very popular last name for the rural division that I've worked for.  When an adult finds out my last name they are always asking me if I know this or that person (which I never do because all my relatives that live in my province live in the city)...

ANYWHO... grade 2

I had perused the class list and noticed that one of the boys had the same last name as me (again, not uncommon in this division... the last 2 years I've taught I have had students that shared my last name).  I told the class my last name and this little boy (that I'm going to call Darryl) excitedly announces "HEY, THAT'S MY LAST NAME!"

Yes, yes... and we are over it.  Clearly this boy is already well aware that he is going to run into others with his last name and it is barely a big deal... he just needed to make his extra loud announcement.

Class goes on for about an hour or so when one little girl approaches me and is very concerned... "Ms. P" she says.. "is Darryl your younger brother"

In case you didn't know... I'm 30.  I think in grade 2 kids are about 7.  That's quite the age difference there!  But I politely told her no and back to work we went.

And I left with a smile on my face because I'm sure those kids thought I was 12.

On an unrelated note this week I received an email from my union stating that they think they had given me 2 files and 2 numbers over the years and they needed to confirm a bunch of stuff (like where I attended university, previous address', my middle name, and different meetings  I had attended).  In the end they decided that the 2 files both belonged to me and they gave me a fancy new number (which I'm assuming is just my original number) and are sending a new card in the mail.  Huzzah for new cards?

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