Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween Writing Activity

I was subbing this week for a teacher that was extending her first sick day to two sick days.  When she called me she warned me that there would likely be some gaps in the day so I should feel free to bring something to do with the kiddos.  And I obliged.

Who Will You Meet on Scary Street
The first thing I did was brought a book.  This is no surprise as I've talked about it before...  I [almost] always bring a book to read to the students.

So I read it to them and then told them to create their own monsters that they would meet on scary street.  I told them that not everything on scary street needed to be scary and so there were at least a couple of girls that opted for the non scary monsters.

After they had their monsters all drawn and coloured I picked one page of the book

meet Triffid
and we used this page to work on our descriptive language.  So we talked about how looked like a plant, a venus fly trap, someone counted his teeth, and that his eyes were coming out of his head and looked like oranges.  I did this on the board in point form and then we wrote it into a short paragraph.  
I loved our last sentence
"His bite is worse than his bark"

Here are a couple of our finished products

One of the students suggested that we put all the pages together and make a class version of "Who Will You Meet on Scary Street"... there wasn't time to do that so I left it for the teacher to do.

To do this you don't need this exact book (I've had mine for years).. just go out and find any other halloween book.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Happy Halloween!

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