Sunday, November 15, 2015

Funky Friday

... On a Sunday

The other day I was in a grade 4 classroom where they subscribed to the idea of "Funky Friday".  This meant that at the end of the day; once the classroom was all cleaned up and everyone had filled in their agendas the students would stack all the chairs, push the tables to the side of the room, and turn out all the lights (yes, we even closed the blinds).  And then... we danced.

Here was the set up... they knew Funky Friday was coming and we were writing in our agendas and let me tell you... I've never seen an entire class get their agendas done faster than this one.  I barely had time to put down the white board marker and pick up a pen (and find the princess stickers in the teachers desk because they insisted on stickers) before I had a line up of students waiting to get their agendas signed.

Then all of a sudden I had a student pulling a chair up to what I'm going to call the dj station (he was creating a play list on YouTube of all the songs we would listen/dance to in a couple minutes.  Another student found a disco ball somewhere... I swear they just pulled it out of their pocket.  And another one had a flashlight.

Then the lights went out and the blinds went down and the music started playing.

Most of the class was dancing.

I had one student hiding under a table and one student was always holding the flashlight while sitting on a table.  Their job was to apparently shine the flashlight at different people and then they would have to dance for everyone.  This didn't always happen though so their job was also to shine the flashlight at the disco ball (because it wasn't a fancy disco ball that lite up anything).  Another student was in change of holding the disco ball... although they also told me that they hang it from the lights (which were about 10 feet above the ground so I didn't let them do that).

What kinds of dance moves did we bust out?  I had students "break dancing" which is also known as acting like a crazy person on the ground.  Others were doing the worm.  But the best part was when pretty much the entire class danced to Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae

FINALLY, I know how to Nae Nae

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