Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Pledge to be Good

A few weeks ago I was in a classroom and over the recess 2 of the boys in my classroom had an altercation and got suspended... I told my husband about it because then I had 2 less kids in the room and sometimes your day just goes better with 2 less kids in the room!

The next day I was in a different school in a different division and the boys started the day off by writing this on the board

I wasn't sure what to expect.  
Was it going to be a terrible day because they knew they might not listen well?
Was it going to be a slightly better day because at last 3 of the 13 boys had signed?

Well, as it turns out I didn't have that difficult of a time with this class because this was the day nearly every boy in the class got in trouble at recess and had to spend part of the classes they had with me apologizing to all of the classes that were below them.

I'm not sure what happened... I was just happy to lose half of my class to it!

Then the next day...
I did not have any students in my class get in trouble.

And here we all thought I was on some kind of kids getting trouble with school administration streak.

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