Friday, December 16, 2016

This Week At School

Here are 5 things that happened this week at school:

I taught kindergarten and they were practicing for their Christmas concert.  We Will Jingle was the best song they sang.

Probably because they were wearing sunglasses and looked kinda cute and also kinda cool.
Oh, and they knew all the words.

A pink Christmas tree


I taught dance class!
And yes we used the barres (sp?)


The day I taught dance class we also had an evacuation of the school.
It was not a drill.
It was below -30
We went to the church next door so we wouldn't freeze.
Also, you know how they tell you to leave everything behind in the event of a fire?  I definitely took everything with me (and took the time to put my boots on because we weren't allowed shoes in the dance studio)


Finally, I attended one Christmas concert in the afternoon. 
 The highlight was this song:

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