Friday, August 23, 2013

31 Signs You've Been a Teacher Too Long

You can find the article that I'll be referencing here.  You should probably read it and decide for yourself if you have been teaching too long.

I am going to go ahead and say that I have not been TEACHING too long.  Subbing on the other hand... quite possibly.

Why do I say I have not been teaching too long?  Well...
- First off all my jokes are hilarious and not at all cheesy (#1)
-  I don't have my summers off!.. I'm a part time nanny! (#3)... this isn't to say that I believe teachers have their summers off (although they technically do... unless they have other employment) because many of them plan over the summer and eventually start setting up their classroom again.
-  I NEVER get hilarious tattle notes (#12) and if I did you know I'd be posting them on here!
-  Can I just say that now I want a teaching position that much more just to do a yearbook photo like #16
-  Finding a substitute doesn't have to be hard (#21). I'll come!... that's assuming you are a teaching in one of the divisions (or private schools) that I sub in.  I mean... the commute to Miami would be killer.
-  And I just have to say Aww... to number 31.

Having said all of that of course there are ones that are true.  But I've done some thinking and since I am under 10 that means I have definitely not been teaching long enough... here is my list of things that are true...

#5 I love, love, LOVE movie days (ok, maybe love is too strong of a word but I definitely like them almost as much as I like my boyfriend... and I like him a lot)
#7 Who wouldn't laugh at Mr. Butt... do you not see how his name is spelt and how I'm assuming it's pronounced?  That is SO unfortunate!
#10 is the one I hate to admit.  I do lose my cool.  Sometimes, once I lose my cool I don't even find my cool until the next day.  Ugh, I hate it when I lose my cool.  I'm REALLY going to try to stay positive this year.  PS. I also love (like) New Girl.
#11 seriously, just spell the freaking word out!  It takes you not even a second to add a y and an o to the word you.  How lazy are we getting?
#14  They can pick on you so much more when you are the substitute teacher :(
#24  That will ALWAYS make me laugh (and you better believe it will make an appearance on the blog once I come across it).
#29 Ahh... the bell to go home.  Sweet relief.  Just be sure not to take off too early!

So.... which are true of you?

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