Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Computer Class

Back in the day we loved hitting up the computer lab to play some Oregon Trail and Number Munches. But oh how the times have changed. What's popular now you ask?

Well other then the math game websites we make the children visit there is always accessing a local radio station (if 10 kids access 10 different websites that play music it makes the ambiance all the more enjoyable). There is also attempting to access blocked sites (ahemFACEBOOKahem) and then some kids are able to access some Call of Duty like game (maybe it's the actual game just an online version). It's tough keeping those kiddos on the math websites these days...

Perhaps the oddest thing that kids sneak off to do (as in they sneak off in the world wide web... not the bathroom or anything). Is they go to a translator website. It's not a regular translator though that would for example translate French to English. No, no, no... this one reads out what you write. But writing out normal words for the translator to read is no fun at all. So what do kids type out for it to read you ask?

alkfdsjnzksd kldjhg kdls dsk

No I did not just sit on my keyboard. That is what they type out.

What makes computer class all the more enjoyable is when 5 or more students are doing this... basically just a bunch of random sounds.

Of course one student is always typing about Charlie (the boy sitting next to him) and getting his computer to say things like "Charlie smells" but the rest... they are all doing the gibberish.

Always a fun time when you get to head to the computer lab!

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