Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mad Libs

I must confess I do not bring a bag of tricks with me when I go subbing. My first couple of years at this I was more into it I guess and I did bring stuff but now it is rare. However, on occasion, I will still bring some Mad Libs. 

Mad Libs are great. The kids learn and they get to make up a hilarious story. Plus now you don't even have to go out and buy a Mad Libs book because you can find them online (find websites) or even download an app if you have an iPhone or iPod or iPad. 

You get 21 stories free and then can purchase other books for $1.99.  

I always used a book though. Since I wanted to be able to reuse the Mad Libs in it multiple times I always wrote their answers down on another piece of paper (or on the board) and then just looked at that to fill in the blanks. 

How we played was I would let one student pick the story (the student can also be in charge of writing the words down and asking for the specific types of words that we need) and then I would go around the room asking each student to contribute a word. There generally weren't rules to the words they could use (the sillier the better) but obviously, swears or inappropriate words were not allowed. I also told them they weren't allowed to use the same word more than once (unless it was specified that it was ok)

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