Sunday, August 04, 2013

No Nonsense

Just for fun...
Last week I showed you this video
Here is another one.

So this has never happened to me.
But I think it's funny...
He was trying to be so serious.
How embarrassing!

There is something that I do agree with in this video though.  
Although I do think that it is important for you to be the kids friends and for them to like you (you want to be invited back after all and the kids usually do have a say in who comes back) I also believe that as the grade increases so does the amount of seriousness.  A classroom can become chaotic quickly if the kids discover they can get away with all kinds of stuff.  You will not get invited back if the teachers or principal complains to the teacher about the substitute they had.

I think this guy had the right idea.
What about you?

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