Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weird Things Kids Do

I'm going to let you in on a fun fact about myself. My feet tan extremely fast. By mid June I will be sporting a flip flop tan line that is unlike any other. But the weird thing is the rest of me doesn't tan that fast (especially my face).

Anywho, here is the actual story (and yes the above statement is important to the story)

I have these cheap white flats that I bought at Wal-Mart years ago. I love them for 3 reasons 1) they are comfortable, 2) they go with just about anything and 3) they make my feet look about 3 times darker.

I usually wear these flats with pants though because I don't like the way they look with shorts or even a skirt or dress. So I'm wearing pants with these flats and I'm assuming I also decided to pull on a shirt that day as well.

I'm subbing in a grade 1 class this day and we are doing calendar time. I'm sitting in a chair and the rest of the class is on the carpet in front of me. Nothing is out of the ordinary, we are having a great start to the day.

Then all of a sudden one child asks me what I have on my foot.

"umm... nothing is on my foot, unless you are referring to my shoe little child" I obviously attempt to respond but before I can get the words out the child is grabbing at my skin on my foot and pulling it (assuming I'm wearing those tanned coloured tights or nylons).

But since it really is just how dark my feet are nothing separates.

And what was almost a normal start to the day turned out to be the oddest one yet.

Sidenote: My cousins who are much older than a grade 1 student have also been perplexed by the skin on my feet also assuming that I was wearing some kind of nylons under my pants.

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