Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Alternative Learning School

So there are these schools that are for students that can't handle a 'normal' high school where they go to school from 8:30 - 3:30, sit in classes, and listen to teachers. There are probably various reasons why a student can't manage that situation in my case it was mostly because they were in and out of jail. Yes, jail. They get to work at their own pace (within reason) which can really benefit certain students sometimes.

But let's back up and set the stage for this lovely day.

I have a fabulous friend who occasionally hooks me up with subbing jobs at her school. She is a fantastic friend and I love going to her school to sub.

One day she messages me telling me that one of the teachers at the school has this husband who teaches at this school in the ghetto and he is going to request me because his wife suggested it.

Uh.. wait. What?

This friend of mine goes on to say that I should accept it because even if it is a terrible day we can laugh about it later and plus she would like to know what that school is all about.

Well, eventually the requested job shows up and I accept it (because I'll be able to laugh about it later). I'm not happy about the school it tells me to go to (my friend wasn't sure what the exact school was) mostly because I had heard horror stories from other substitute teachers about how the kids will do nothing and swear at you.

"Great" I thought "it sounds like another day to spend crying in my car"

Sidenote: I've only had to go to my car to cry once in all my subbing years.

Luckily, I was only required to sign in at the school and then I would be going to another location. Odd but at least it wasn't THAT school. Plus as a bonus I didn't have to bring a lunch because lunch would be provided.

Eventually, I find the school (after driving around the block 5 times and asking a homeless man if he had any idea where it was) and get my car parked in the proper parking lot.

I'm informed that it's an alternative school and the students will come at any point during the day. I'm shown my desk and told that I'll basically be helping any students who need help but not to panic because there are 3 of us total and the numbers aren't that big.

I was told in my subfinder instructions from the actual teacher that it would be an easy day and not to panic over it. He wasn't lying.

Basically I sat at my desk with my feet up reading for the majority of the morning.

Lunch rolls around and I'm invited to the kitchen area to have a pizza pop with the students. Awesome.

After lunch I helped one student with a math practice test and then got sent home early because there were really no students around anyways.

It was a great day at the Alternative Learning School

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