Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We aren't "celebrating" Halloween at school.  I'm going to assume that most people don't "celebrate" it... we just all partake in Halloween activities.

So we are instead having Fall Fest at school.
Complete with a "spirit" week and pumpkin carving competition.

Today was obviously costume day.  Nothing scary could be worn, nothing with weapons and no masks.  So, what did I go as?

I posted this picture a while ago
Asking what we thought this could be turning into

I gathered my inspiration from here
Originally seeing this photo on Pinterest

After some hunting around for a non scandelous adult version of this I came across this lovely blog
and got to working making my version of a peacock costume.  

I took ideas from both costumes and here are some tips when making it:
Unless you know you are getting a great deal at the fabric store do not buy your felt there.  I think I could have saved a bundle on the felt if I had boughten those small sheets of it at Michaels.
I believe I ended up buying 2 meters of black tulle and 1 meter of each blue and purple.  I wish I would have boughten 3 meters of black though.

I tied the black tulle onto a ribbon... the black tulle sticks out further than the coloured ones.  Then I tied everything else onto a second ribbon which I attached onto the first black ribbon (this seems very confusing but it's not).  Then all I do is tie the ribbon around my waist.  Easy peasy.

I'm planning on wearing it with black boots.

I considered putting a little glue on the back of each felt feather so that it wouldn't flip the wrong way... but never got around to it (and I was a little worried it would somehow ruin everything).

Another tip:  I bought a bunch of peacock feathers at Michaels with one of their 40% off coupons (they have them all the time).  The bunch came together and were glued onto this giant stick.  I just pulled every feather off of it (I had to cut them all pretty short to stick in my hair anyways).  I THINK this was cheaper then purchasing the feathers individually.  I must have priced it out in store.  

I already had peacock feather earrings so those were free!

What were you for Halloween?

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