Thursday, February 13, 2014

Descriptive Words (Part 2)

You may recall my lesson on Sandwich Making. Well, that did not fill up an entire hour with my lovely 8th graders.

After we calmed down from making sandwiches I told them they were going to be aliens from another planet. Being aliens from another planet they have no idea about the type of things we have on Earth. I told them I was going to give them something and they would have to write out (in a short paragraph) what it looked like.

So I gave them each a Hershey Chocolate Kiss. I told them they weren't allowed to use any of those 3 words "Hershey" or "Chocolate" or "Kiss" in their writing.

A lot of them described it as a volcano.

Then we moved onto "feels like" they were not allowed to unwrap the chocolate yet.

Then at sounds like they dropped it on their desks a few times and then I let them unwrap it and listen to what it sounded like.

Then smells like and finally tastes like.

My room was SO quiet.

After every short paragraph I had a few students share what they had written.

This lesson (part 1 and 2) would go over great with my grade 4's (but I don't teach them ELA) so definitely use it at other grade levels!

Also, just as a heads up. One of my students was out of the room when I passed out the chocolates. When he came back and saw what everyone had he definitely said "Miss Pener can I have a kiss?". It was hilarious and the class made fun of him (it was okay, he could handle it). But if the word spread that my student asked me for a kiss it may have gotten out of hand. I was sure to tell him "yes, you may have a CHOCOLATE kiss"

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