Friday, February 21, 2014

What I Wore

Once again I find myself apologizing for the lack of posts.  
My excuse?
I had friends from out of town (province) in and I wanted to spend tons and tons of time with them.

Anyways, this post was easy enough so this should hold you over until my TWAS tomorrow and hopefully a lesson (or 2) next week.

I had duty yesterday.

When I have duty I wear pants.
I also wore boots outside.

Pleas notice that I got brave and tried colour on top AND bottom!
(originally I had thought my purple pants would be okay because yellow and purple are complimentary colours but it didn't look right... plus bonus: it looks like I'm supporting our football team with this colour combo!)

AND, as a bonus

3/5 of us are not from around these parts!
All dressed up for a wedding

I had all these items for forever because I was supposed to go to a wedding in November.  Then breakups happened and call me crazy but I didn't go to a wedding for his friends after that (plus I don't think I was invited any longer).  So I finally got around to taking the tags of the dress and putting it to use.
The bag I scrambled for at the mall the weekend before... I didn't know what I was looking for other then I needed something smaller than my brown bag. 
 Then I found this for $5.

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