Saturday, February 15, 2014

This Week At School

-  In ART we finished up our Valentine's Day project (okay, we actually took a science class to do this)
-  We are basically done our SCIENCE unit on light.  The kids are planning commercials to demonstrate the different uses of light in creative ways (solar panels, sensors, and cds are all playing a part)
-  Everyone is still loving multiplying (which makes me feel awesome)
-  We've been watching a lot of the Olympics (I've been putting it on for my grade 4's during lunch).  One day I put it on early and we were watching figure skating.  Those kids, such critics!  They were having none of the girl from China who fell a couple of times.  They really want to watch curling but I haven't let them.  Do they know how entertaining it is?  I've told them I'll put it on when Canada is playing.
-  We have been graphing the Olympics in math and our bulletin board is looking great.  I'll snap a picture of it next week sometime.
-  I love that my grade 4's loved Valentine's Day.  It makes me so happy.  I honestly didn't plan much except that I booked us on the tobaggon run.  Apparently that was all they needed.  We also made envelopes to put our valentines in, moved and cleaned desks, and ate cookies I made for them.  It was a successful morning.
-  Projections for staffing for next year are in.  Let the fun begin!

Paul Klee Valentine's Day art... we missed a step.  Stay tuned for what we did.

So many pink cookies.  I had 2 boxes of strawberry cake mix from the states (because you can't get it here... or at least you used to not be able to) and made my recess helpers and grade 4's cookies.  I thought they did not taste good.  They loved them.  

I let them do whatever they wanted for their Valentine's envelopes... the only criteria was include your name and make it have to do with Valentine's Day.  I'm really impressed.  The girl who did the 2nd photo took the time to sharpen a red pencil crayon and then rub the shavings of colour onto her page with a kleenex!  So creative!

Sidenote:  I kept telling them we were making valentine envelopes for the last few days.  Apparently I say it wrong by saying it "on-ve-lope".  "it's en-ve-lope Miss Penner" so now I can't say envelope or more.

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