Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rules for Teachers

A friend of mine posted this to Facebook a while ago.

What rules have I broken (if it were 1914)
2)  I'm not exactly sure what that means... but I hang out with guys (not usually one on one but surely they couldn't have had a problem with hanging out with men AND women at the same time?)  I also take this to mean there was never, EVER any male teachers (because then shouldn't they have a rule about not hanging out with women?).
3)  I have to be home by 8pm!?!  Do we think this was just for school nights?  Or weekends too?  Guess all my friends would have to come to my place if the party was going to go "late" (which is apparently anytime after 8pm).
5)  My school is located outside of the city I live in.  So erm... that would be a problem because I either wouldn't be able to get home or to work.  
6)  Great, I'll just stop offering rides to guys.
8)  Bright colours!?!  Clearly they were not anticipating the 90's or neons.
10)  I'm not sure what a petticoat is but I'm nearly certain I don't own a single one (therefore I've never worn 2)
11)  What can I say, I'm a scandalous girl (I'm not really all that scandalous)
12)  Thank goodness I don't have to get to school for 7am... I would have to leave home by 6:20 (but I guess according to these rules I would also have to reside in the city my school was located so in that case it would only be a 2 minute car ride - it's a small town).

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