Tuesday, July 15, 2014

For the Classroom

I've been doing a lot of shopping lately.  Most of my shopping has been for things that I need for my place (okay, maybe I don't NEED floating shelves... especially now that I have firsthand experience as to how difficult they are to put up) and while I've been out finding stuff for my place I've found some stuff for my classroom as well.

Item #1 I found at Target
Tissue Paper

The plan is to use this to make pom poms to hang from the ceiling... 
I've been doing a lot of pintresty type things this week and so far 2 have been nearly flops that I've somehow managed to salvage... hopefully these turn out.
If all else fails I can buy pre made ones from Party Stuff AND I get a teachers discount there.

Item #2 I found at JYSK
Plastic Table Clothes

The plan for these is to use them on the backs of my bulletin boards.  Since they are plastic I hope they will withstand the wear and tear from this year (and maybe a few others).  PLUS, as a bonus they won't fade like construction paper will.
I plan to do one bulletin board the black and white one (I must admit I find it a little busy so I'm a little concerned how it will end up looking) and 2 bulletin boards with the gray and yellow one (I must admit, I wish the yellow were turquoise... it would be perfect then!)
I don't recall exactly how many bulletin boards I have but I know I have more than 3 so for the others I'll go out and find some cheap turquoise fabric (hopefully in a solid colour).

Item #3 I found at Michaels
Fake Flowers

They just so happened to be on clearance and they just so happened to be the colours I plan to do my room in.  I don't have a plan for them yet.. Maybe I'll find a plastic vase somewhere to stick some in or maybe I'll cut the flower part of and stick it on some pens... I'll figure something out.

Since my post on my Writing Folders I have not gotten anymore of them done.  My plan is to have them done by the end of this week (unless I run out of glue).

Something to think about:
What to do with completed art projects?
I noticed this last year some of my students would throw out their art projects as soon as they got them back and I want to figure out a way to have them appreciate what they accomplished in art class more.  My plan is to use an art portfolio of some type.
The only problem?
I don't have space to store those large folders you would get students to make out of 2 big pieces of paper stapled together... so I was thinking something more along the lines of duotang size... then when we make something larger than that size we could take pictures of the art and glue it in there.  I would also have them write about the process, what they liked, didn't like, etc.  

Anyone out there have any art portfolio ideas?

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