Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Maud Lewis - Folk Art

I found the idea for this art lesson at the A Faithful Attempt Blog

We basically did everything exactly as Miss laid it out (why reinvent the wheel.. am I right?)

Our computer time was always conveniently right before art class so after I had showed them some things on Maud Lewis I let them look up some ideas on landscapes and they did a quick sketch of their landscape while in the computer lab.

In the middle is a write up that I did on Maud Lewis (whenever we learned about a specific artist I always did a write up on the artist and shared it with the students.

We watched the videos that Miss posted as well... I don't recall why but I think we were missing a few students the day we did this project and so we ended up watching them not once but twice (by their request).  My grade 4's actually found it quite interesting and when we learned the measurements of Maud's house we measured it out in our (very large) classroom.  They were shocked that her house was smaller than our classroom was! Anywho, I'm surprised they requested to watch it a 2nd time... but we were a pretty advanced group of 4th graders (does their teacher get some credit for their advanced state?).

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  1. There's turned out great! Thanks for the mention :)
    There's actually a film currently being made about Maud Lewis. I can't wait to see it!


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