Saturday, April 18, 2015

This Week At School

No pictures for this week... mostly because between play practice and a talent show we didn't get too much accomplished (I feel).

Musical/play practice has been taking up most of our mornings.  Anyone who has a speaking role in the play or has something to do with a speaking role (like making sure a light is on them) is gone until first recess.  This means I'm left with maybe 10 kids in my class (which is quite nice except we don't do much because why teach them something when most of my class is missing).  On Friday I made them do a spelling test, a math sheet, and then told them we were going to the library to each pick out a book and we would read outside.  I had a blanket in my car that the girls and myself sat on and the 2 boys decided to read on the monkey bars.

In English Language Arts we have been writing letters to take part in "The Great Canadian Mail Race".  My students all picked schools to send them to and addressed their envelopes.  I now have a stack of letters to mail at some point today.  I still have to get the prize (the person to get the first letter back in my classroom is winning a $5 Tims card).

In science we are learning about the human body.  Before we left on Friday we set up an experiment that we will check in on Tuesday.  We are learning about how our bodies break down different kinds of food using enzymes.  I bought the cheapest sandwich meat I could find and some meat tenderizer for the experiment.  Apparently it should be so tenderized that we should be able to paint with that meat in a couple of days.  

In social studies we are learning about WW1.  I'm not exactly sure how much we are going to get done now to the end of the year... I'm reserving some decades projects for the students to do in June though.

We are almost done fractions in math!  I'm so happy that I started my guided math groups - we somehow got through fractions in 3 weeks (well, it will likely be closer to 4 but I'm losing a lot of math periods because of play practice).

In art we are making water colour zebras.  It was a really relaxing art class for once so even I started drawing one out.  Here is what mine looks like so far.  I'm really excited to see the finished products!

We FINALLY get our double art period back Friday afternoon (our play is on Thursday) so I'm hoping we can get them all painted in that time.

Other then that, I've almost got all the costumes for the play put together... I just need some cat ears and a tail.  Our play is on Thursday next week and we have a final round of our talent show for the community Friday evening.  Looks like I'll be spending some extra time at school this coming week!

Once again, I didn't have to bring home any school work with me.. 
*sigh* if only it could ALWAYS be like this.

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