Saturday, April 11, 2015

This Week At School

T'was the day after Easter and all through the school
Not many creatures were stirring since it was Easter Monday
So Miss Penner in her cardigan
and no one else to help her : (
Set up a scavenger hunt..
Claiming it to be "Eastery" since you know... Easter egg hunts

This week at school I learned something.
If you want your students to take good science notes make it a scavenger hunt!  
I'm assuming this works for other subjects as well.

Basically I printed off questions that they had to answer and then the answers were all on numbered yellow pieces of paper hidden around the room.
Some of them were easy to find but a bunch of them required clues that I wrote out on the board so that they would find them.
In the end everyone had all the notes written out and everyone learned a bunch of new and interesting things about the human body.
And those that didn't make it to school for our lovely scavenger hunt?
Too bad, so sad.

We also got our aboriginal dot art up in the hallway (it's been getting rave reviews)

Before spring break we FINALLY finished reading The Westing Game (my students LOVED it) and I put up their wanted posters for the characters that I had given them at the beginning of the novel study (not all of them are up because these things apparently take time).

In math we started guided math groups and it is like the storm cloud that had been hanging over my math class lifted and a bunch of sun shine has just been shining down on us.  It's been lovely.   Here is the website that I went to for information on them (I believe I actually googled "how to teach math in a split class" and this came up).  It was a HUGE help and it isn't nearly as daunting as I thought it would be.

Our grade 4-6 play is in less than 2 weeks!  
I'm incharge of costumes... please tell me these look like fish... sort of?

This is going to be Pinochino's nose (size medium - I still have to figure out how to get something to stick onto it so that it can be bigger yet).

I'm not sure I told you all about this lovely little box.

I was getting so many grievances after recess' that I was going insane.
So I glued wrapping paper around a cracker box and told them to put their problems in here and I would deal with them later... it has been empty since we came back from spring break!

My favourite thing about this week?

I didn't bring a single school thing home with me!

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