Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Pink Shirt Day (round 2?)

I'm not sure what's going on here... because I looked it up and Pink Shirt Day was on February 25, 2015.  

But now I've gotten an email from someone at my school saying we are taking part in Pink Shirt Day which is on April 8, 2015 (tomorrow)

So here we go again...

We already did our Pink Shirt Day poems so I think I'll just show them a video that also came with the email and do some talking about it.  

And of course... wear pink

Here's the video we were instructed to show our students

And here is a link on some information about 
I like that on the 2nd page it gives examples on when you can use conflict resolution and when it wouldn't work.  We will probably go through some of those after reading the first page... but that will likely be it for us.

and finally, here is the link to the website for the 

If you want to see what my students did back on February 25th here is a link to that post: 

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