Saturday, April 04, 2015

Questions and Answers

A while ago (as in a long, long time ago) I asked you all for questions about teaching, about substitute teaching, about how to become a really awesome person in general (okay maybe not the last one).  Well some of you emailed me with questions (no one actually posted one in the comments, I get it, comments are an insanely scary thing - but not really) and most of you did not send questions.  But that's okay.. no hate!

Anywho, I think I responded to most questions individually anyways but I've been working on compiling them into a post for on here.  

I'm pretty much done the post actually BUT there is always room for more questions!  

So if you have any questions about substitute teaching or teaching (or possibly about anything else - I mean I'll try my very best to answer them) you should either leave a comment here OR email me at 
so I can add to my list before I post it in a couple of weeks! 

I'm sure I'm no expert in either the category of teaching or substitute teaching but isn't it always nice to have another persons input?  Yeah... that's what I thought.

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