Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Wish My Teacher Knew...

A teacher asked her students to write anonymous notes, and the results are heartbreaking.

What do you think?

What do I think?

I think the results are heartbreaking.  No matter how much we think we know our students the truth is we don't know them completely.  

It got me thinking about what my students might say.
Some would make a joke out of it
Some would tell me how wonderful I am
Some would tell me how wonderful they are
Some would tell me things they think I should do differently
And some would likely tell me some heartbreaking truths.

This might be something to consider for next year.  I'm thinking one could do this a few times a year.  Maybe once a month into school, another time after Christmas break, another time after Spring break, and the final time in June.

Use it as an opportunity to get to know your students better, use it is an opportunity to reflect on your teaching, and use it as an opportunity to see how much your students understand about writing a letter (I think I would tie this in with a letter writing lesson).

But, What do you think?

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