Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Making Learning Fun

Here is the link to what this post is doing to reference 
(it's a short post today)

A few things... I'm slightly offended by the title of the post.  
I know that not all of my lessons are "fun" that is impossible to do.  Sometimes it does just have to be note taking or a worksheet or math problems.  I can't be "on" all the time.  But I do try hard not to make learning boring.  I would hope that most teachers do try hard to do this.

Next, I have a feeling I would get a talking to for doing some of these things.  
Thankfully no one has ever fallen asleep during any of my classes (because they are just oh so fun clearly).
I don't understand the fire one.
My students don't have cell phones (or they just don't bring them to school).
I'm not so artistic with a white board marker
I don't understand the scientific ones and I hopefully will never have to teach about the periodic table.

But the yearbook photos ones... those are straight up genius.

Let's all have a swell week at school!

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