Friday, July 10, 2015

Packing up a Classroom: Where to Put it All?

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there that had a classroom to call their own for a school year only to be displaced for the following year. 
 I'm not sure where I will be teaching next year (or if I will be going back to substitute teaching) which meant I had to pack up the classroom that I was in the last school year and bring it all to my lovely 2 bedroom condo.

So what did I do with everything?

For starters I live on my own.
If  want to turn my living room into a classroom storage room I'm allowed to (I didn't do this)

If I want to turn my 2nd bedroom into a storage room with a bunch of shelves I'm also allowed to do this too.  
(I also didn't do this)

It's been about a week and a half since school ended and let me show you what my condo looks like (with all my school stuff moved in).

To begin with I keep all of my school stuff in one of two places.

The first place is my 2nd bedroom
Doesn't look too shabby, at least it doesn't too me.

You'll see hanging from the ceiling some of the decorations from my classroom... I wasn't ready to part with them so I didn't let my students take them (despite their pleading).  I have a lot more but this room only came with 2 hooks already put in the ceiling and I have no desire to add more.

Spare Room Closet

Here is where I've hidden away most of my stuff.  I put a bookshelf in my closet because I felt it was too big for the actual room.  On top of it is my printer and a bunch of dictionaries, Bibles, and other books that I'm not so sure of.
Below that is a bunch of decorative stuff.  My bulletin board backings, extra tissue paper that matches my theme colours, and writing folders.
Below that are books that could go in my classroom library 
(there are more beside my printer that you can't see).  
Bottom 2 shelves are a bunch of resources that I should go through and decide what is worth keeping.
In front of the bookshelf are the picture frames I had tacked up on my MOLA bulletin board.  Since they have tacks on the backs of them they don't stack very nicely (I guess I could take all the tacks off the back though)

And the other half of the closet

Pretty much just 2 large bins for storing stuff that I really should go through
I have some room on the top shelf in my closet to store things too (if I find I could use the extra space once I go through some stuff)

The bookshelf

The top shelf of this bookshelf is for my personal library of novels/books
The bottom shelf is more resources.  These resources are ones that I use more often though (but I should definitely still go through them)
In front of that bookself is the last load of stuff I brought home from school.  I'm not entirely sure what is in that black grocery bag.  I have a stack of more resources and the black bag in front is the bag I bring to school every day.  It has served me very well these last 2 years.  I still need to empty it.

One last box of stuff that holds who knows what

I need to go through this box.  I'm hoping everything in it can either be 
1) tossed
2) placed in a binder
3) go into one of those rubber maid like tubs in my closet

The 2nd place I store things to do with school is my storage room

My school stuff takes up one very small portion of my storage room.  This long box was one that we were required to purchase for an art class in university.  I think it still holds a bunch of supplies for that art class but it also holds any posters that I've used in my classroom and boarders for my bulletin boards.  I'm sure it is also something that I could go through.

As a bonus that long box functions as a little shelf because I so rarely have to go into it.  So on top is a bunch of flour and sugar.

I have an outdoor storage space that is relatively empty.  I'm hesitant to put resources out there because they involve a lot of paper and bugs love to hide in paper.  So there isn't any school stuff out there... yet.

And there you have it.
My condo/classroom storage facility.
My goal is to go through all of those bins and resources in July
We'll see.

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