Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Professional Development

I've officially run out of lake invites (until the end of August) so it looks like I'll be spending more time in the city from here on out.  But one must keep busy whilst staying in the city!  So why not check out some absolutely free professional development sessions that you can take part in from the comfort of your very own living room... while wearing pajamas and eating ice cream (it starts at 11:30 EDT but I won't judge if that's what you choose to do).

I've been a member at Share my Lesson for a while now but only recently discovered that they offer free webinares (mostly because they sent me an email and I read it because I had the time to).

Unfortunately they are nearly all wrapped up (probably because teachers in the states are going back to school a lot sooner than we are here.. or that's my guess anyways).  So the only one that I could have taken part in is the one that is this THURSDAY JULY 23rd at 11:30 EDT (So I'll be watching it at 10:30am my time).  The topic is "Classroom Foundation and Back to School" and I for one am looking forward to it.  It's only going to take up 50 minutes of my morning (I'm hoping to get to the gym before it starts but that might not happen.. I'm on vacation here!)

I've also registered for a few others (all on June 23rd) but many of them start at the same time so I'll catch them later and just participate as a viewer and not in the live chat feature.

Find their summer series and all the other webinares they have done recently by clicking here

Fortunately, for those of us who have been away this summer (or still teaching in June) you are able to watch any of the old webinares also for free by clicking here


Want to know what else is great about Share my Lesson?  There are tons of absolutely free resources available!  Everyone definitely needs to check it out!

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