Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Ideal Classroom

Often times when I walk into a classroom (or when I have a little down time during a prep or recess) I look around the room and imagine how I would organize it if it were my room.

Some things that I would definitely want to have would be:

1)  A classroom library... near a window
2)  A table for group work
3)  If possible (and if space allows) another table to put near the boards for me to keep my stuff for the lesson on (if space doesn't allow for this I would just try to organize the room in a way where the group table would be near the board)
4)  Tables or desks for students that can be arranged so that everyone has at least one other person sitting next to them (I like the U shape going around the perimeter and then some smaller groupings inside it)
5)  Lots of space for bulletin boards to display student work.  I would ideally want one for art, one for MOLA, one for stuff from either Science, S.S. or Art, and one for T.U.S.C., calendar, time table, Classroom Economy, etc.
6)  Next time I get a full year contract (or permanent) I want to bring a class pet in... I think I would make it one or two student jobs in our classroom economy to take care of it and I would want to display him (or her) somewhere nice... failing anywhere else I would likely choose my desk as it would hopefully be the least likely space for it to get bumped over (I would plan on bringing in a fish).

Other things I would want to include in my classroom but might not happen because of costs and/or space would be:

1)  Carpet in the library area (something bright - like turquoise)
2)  Lots of pillows in the library area so kids can lay out
3)  Failing the pillow option I would want 1 sofa and 2 other kids of chairs (maybe one could be a rocking chair)... suddenly the pillow idea seems much more economical.
4)  A couple side tables (also for the classroom library)... in case you can't tell I would hopefully be able to use a good amount of space for the library.
5)  In some classes I've been to they've had some built in desk/table areas... I would want to put a lamp on these.... this way occassionally you could dim the lights and read somewhat in the dark... maybe?

Well... the other week I was in the largest classroom I've ever been to!  All my dreams could easily come true in this space... I mean... just look at it!

Giant Classroom!
Seriously, all that was left on the other side of me were the coat racks but this place is massive!  On the other side of the shelves tat are just past the carpet area is where they would sit and have their lessons (it's hard to see because it's so far back there!)

What would you need to have in your classroom (and what are some of your wish items)?


  1. I have had a classroom that is nearly as big as that one so I know the feeling of having a classroom that big and also being envious of having a classroom that big. When I envision my classroom I see a library area that has a bright carpet as well as bathmats that students can use to move around and read. A lamp for dimmed lighting in this area. I have a listening center in that area that could fit 4 students comfortably. I would have a group table in which would be both my space as well as a student space to work during centers. My desk would be near the library area as a way to block off that area but allow students a place to lean with their pillows. On the walls I would designate certain spaces per subject (Math, Reading/Literature, Science/S.S, Star Students, Word Wall, etc). I would create a space for parent volunteers to come in see what my daily needs are and work in that area.


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