Friday, February 05, 2016

What I've Been Up To...

My apologies for my month long absence.. I've been busy working every single day (after the first week back) last month.  But that's not all...

I've been working on creating some teaching resources of my own.  A long, long time ago I thought to myself "Christine, what is it you wish you could have improved on in your last year of teaching?"  I knew the answer right away... I wish my Social Studies program would have been better.

I'm not sure how it is the states but here in Canada education is provincial... which means that things that grade 4 students learn in Manitoba may not be what they learn in Alberta.  For most subjects this doesn't matter much when you are searching for resources because the topics in math and science are still very simple... is anyone really going to notice if you are giving your grade 4 students grade 3 resources that someone in Ontario developed?  Probably not.  I just feel like Social Studies is different.  First, much of the stuff people in the USA put out isn't what we teach here in Canada and second... I'm just not that into it.

And so here is what I've been doing... I've been creating an Interactive Social Studies Journal for grade 5 (Manitoba Curriculum)... and it's slowly coming together (not that I've even gotten through the first unit or anything though).  When I do have it completed I'll be sure to let you know though as I think I'll be looking for someone that currently teaches grade 5 to test it out in their classroom next year to give some feedback and what needs to be changed or added.  IF I happen to go about creating a Teachers Pay Teachers store for it I'll be giving the first few copies away for free in exchange for the feedback.  So stay tuned if that at all interests you!

I've also been writing guest posts!  Well... guest post... I've only written one.  But one is better than none!  If you want to check it out it is on Squarehead Teachers.

If you are ever looking for someone to do a guest post on your blog I may be interested and you should probably contact me (or, if you want to ever do a guest post on my blog I could also be interested).  Let's collaborate on something!

You can always leave a comment or send me an email at

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