Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Message From the Principal

About a month ago the sub clerk called me with a job.  It was for grade 6 and I happily accepted the job.  Then just as we are saying goodbye she goes "oh wait!  The principal wants the substitutes to know that if any of them have hockey equipment they should bring it for the students versus teachers hockey game"

Well, I own figure skates (I also own a hockey stick so I feel like I was partway there) but I highly doubted the teachers were looking for a figure skater (that doesn't actually figure skate) for their team so my response was "so... no".

When I got to school I found out that it was the grade 12 students versus the teachers so I'm assuming I would have gotten hurt out there.

And, because you are dying to know... turns out the teachers didn't need my non figure skating skills to win the game.  They won 6-2.  But more importantly, a fine time was had by all.

Have you ever had any exciting or odd requests from your sub clerk (or a principal)?

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